Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:52

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War in Syria helps greedy smugglers in the black market get richer at the expense of any victim




In war, civilians face dire conditions embodied in lack of human basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes and medical supplies. The turmoil of war paves the way for opportunist black market dealers to emerge as predators looking for nothing but their own interests.


The most important aspect of this kind of unhuman practices that has become commonplace in Syria is the smuggling of medical supplies from Syria to Turkey because they are sold for high prices in the latter.


The Turkish authorities confiscated recently enormous amounts of Syrian medical supplies, which were estimated at 1 million and 5 thousand Turkish lira and were stored in a truck.  The load consisted of 492 thousand different boxes of medicine. The smuggler had attempted to smuggle them from the Qarmish border crossing in Jarablus city before he was arrested by the Turkish Gendarme.


Of course, this was not the first smuggling operation. Some commercial shops, which are owned by Syrian civilians in Turkey, are filled with smuggled medicines from Syria.


This comes amidst a severe shortage of medical supplies in all hospitals and medical centers in Syria. Several civilians have also died due to lack of health care in the war torn country since the beginning of the revolution.




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