Thursday 17 / 10 / 2019 | 22:38

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What is the reality of the Aleppo deal and why is Iran trying to block its implementation?



In a time where the implementation of the evacuation deal, which includes the transportation of the wounded and patients from besieged Aleppo to the western countryside was supposed to take place, the pro-Assad sectarian militias prevented them from crossing to the western countryside.


In early morning, the sectarian militias, believed to have been the Iraqi Harakat Nujabaa militia, opened fire on an ambulance belonging to the SARC and prevented them from transporting the patients inside Aleppo to other areas, private sources indicated to Aleppo24 today.


The source added that, “the SARC halted their operations after being abused by the sectarian Shia militias while transporting the wounded from inside besieged Aleppo”


In the meantime, the militias targeted the neighborhoods of besieged Aleppo, mainly the Idaa, with heavy artillery, which was also followed by aerial bombing by Russian and Assad regime warplanes on the neighborhoods, mainly the Salaheddine, which are still under the control of the local factions.


Reports indicate that Iran is trying to add more conditions in the agreement in order to improve the situation in the Shia dominated towns of Kafriya and Al Fua’.


The delegation of the local factions in besieged Aleppo mainly communicated with the Russians who are present in the Humeimi base.


They agreed on an evacuation deal in Aleppo’s neighborhoods which is being implemented in 3 phases.

  1. The patients are transported to other areas,
  2. Civilians and families are evacuated to western Aleppo
  3. The factions leave the city, taking with them only their light weapons.


The agreement was announced by Russia to all parties including Assad, Iran and Turkey. Turkey did not object to the agreement and appeared as if they were part of it, which is not true according to private sources. Iran has begun its attempt to obscure this deal because they are competing against Russia about dominance in Aleppo. The Assad regime, who is always bragging about ‘national soveirgnity’ had to obey the orders of Russia, who has now authority over Aleppo.

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