Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:51

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Who are the displaced families who returned to eastern Aleppo?


Several media outlets have reported that thousands from the evacuated families returned to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. However, according to Aleppo24 local sources, the reports spread by those outlets turned out to be based on Assad propaganda machine.


The local sourced confirmed to Aleppo24 that the number of the families who have retuned recently to those neighborhoods do not exceed ten. And they were not among the evacuated families; they had stayed in Assad-controlled areas for months before returning to eastern Aleppo.


Those who returned include employees and artisans who were forced to leave their homes by Assad’s forces and allied militias.


In the same context, Assad’s forces have arrested several of those families who returned to eastern Aleppo, while some have had their homes looted by the same forces.


Some families were executed in the streets of Aleppo, as it is the case in the Jazmati neighborhood where Assad Shabiha killed an old man along with his son as they were attempting to loot his home in that neighborhood.


Many families have returned to their refugee centers in Syria after realizing that all of their homes and 70 percent of the infrastructures in eastern Aleppo were destroyed.

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