Wednesday 18 / 9 / 2019 | 00:46

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Why do Assad forces persist on advancing to Sheikh Said neighborhood?



The continuous attempts by the Assad forces to capture Sheikh Said neighborhood, south Aleppo city, raised the question about the strategic significance of this area for the Assad-regime.


Despite sustaining massive causalities recently due to their failed attempts to make any gains in Sheikh Said, the Assad forces and the pro-regime sectarian militia are still focusing on that front.



Sheikh Said neighborhood, which is controlled by the local factions, mainly Al-Shamiyya Front, represents a threat against several strategic Assad positions, including those inside the city and the Damascus- Aleppo highway (utilized to transport supplies for the regime) and the International Airport of Aleppo, located north-east of the neighborhood.


It is believed that in case the local factions advance on that front, the airport would be among their first strategic goals. The Assad forces are attempting to advance in Sheikh Said to secure their defensive lines on the fronts, south and east Aleppo. If they make any gains in Sheikh Said, they would tighten the siege on the city from its southern part. At the same time, it would be a means for taking over all other areas, mainly As Sukari neighborhood, which would be a target and witness clashes if Sheikh Said falls into the hands of the regime.


Despite of the fact that Sheikh Said has been a military zone for a long time, the advancement to it by the regime would represent a threat to 10.000 civilians residing in As-Sukari neighborhood.


Exclusive pictures for Aleppo 24 showing the ongoing clashes in Sheikh Said neighborhood of Aleppo.

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